The Collie on the Block

For the last six years, my cousin has been terrified of walking her dog. She cannot walk him on a country road without any pavement due to safety and the only other ways are all dead ends, so she has to brave it past the collie. It all started when my cousin (Amy’s) Labrador (Ruffy) was two years old. Her dad (Mat) was taking Ruffy for a walk and decided to stop off on a field, which is quarter of the way around the block. The collie ran  over and started ‘playing’ with Ruffy. He latched onto Ruffy’s ankle with his mouth and when Mat threw the ball, Ruffy went to run after it, whereas the collie kept his mouth around Ruffy’s ankle. They then continued on their walk until they reached the house and Ruffy led down on the floor. He hadn’t noticed anything wrong in the field, but now upon closer inspection, the dog had ripped Ruffy’s ankle, which was pouring with blood.

Five years later (a year ago) Mat and Amy once again stopped off at the field, like they used to sometimes do to allow Ruffy to have a run around. They walked right to the far end of the field and before they had time to take his lead off of him, the collie from five years ago was in the field, running across it towards them. He ran straight for Ruffy and was growling at him, so Mat stood in front of Ruffy to protect him. Ruffy obviously remembered the dog, as he was cowering behind Mat’s legs and as Mat tried to protect him, he got a nasty bite on his hand off of the collie. Mat had a go at the owner, whose response was to tell him to let Ruffy off of the lead so the two dogs could fight it out, despite the fact you could clearly see that Ruffy was terrified and it’s a well known fact that he’s never bit anyone or any other animal in his life.

They cannot even get away from the collie, by not entering the field, as the collie lives in a house that is also on the way around the block. His owner always walks him off of the lead, so walking Ruffy can be quite an issue and if you see the other dog you need to quickly run the other way. In the past six months Amy has been confronted by the other dog twice during Ruffy’s walks, by the dog trying to attack Ruffy. The first time she stood in front of Ruffy and nearly got bit and the second time she legged it with Ruffy and managed to get away.

This is clearly a dog that needs to be kept on the lead; I do not know if he’s just terrorising Ruffy, or if he acts up to other dogs too, but it is not right and the owner is not helping. I do not agree with getting the dog put down, as the owner could clearly prevent all of this by keeping the dog on the lead and with a muzzle on. Some owners need to learn to take responsibility for their dogs!



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