Spider alert!

So it’s pretty much half 2 in the morning and I have had the worst night possible so far. Mid-pee in the bathroom I saw a spider on the bathtub and I thought ‘you know what? I hate spiders, but it’s in the bathroom so I’ll be fine.’ I went to bed, watched Underworld, which finished at about midnight and then I decided it was time to go to sleep. I had a really bad feeling and felt ill, so I lay tossing and turning until half one, when I decided to turn the lamp on to see if that would help me to fall asleep. I then continued trying to sleep and gave up with this around quarter of an hour later, when I got annoyed with lying around and my head thinking all of these bad thoughts. I text a few of my friends to see if they were awake to find out they were not and this was when I finally gave up and sat up in bed and looked at the wall in front of me…
A house spider was running across my wall.
It was not the spider from the bathroom, it was a different one and much bigger too. I can handle spiders that are far away and nowhere near my bedroom.. but in my bedroom? What if it walks across my face when I’m sleep or something.
I picked my diary up, my pen, my quilt, phone and laptop and made my way downstairs, which is where I’ve been sat ever since. I have a feeling that this is how the rest of my night will be, as now that I have seen two spiders in my house, God knows how many more are here and therefore my mind has turned to spider alert.


Blown fuses.

I am SOOOO angry. The fuses have blown in our house and me and mum didn’t know how to fix it so we called my sister’s dad to come over and help, because he’s good with things like that. He’s in the pub down the road, a five minute walk away and he won’t come over unless mum picks him up. Mum refused to pick him up so all he had to say was ‘hope your mum doesn’t fall asleep on the screwdriver haha.’ Well you know what, no, I don’t find that very funny! How dare you say that about my mum and how sick are you to leave your DAUGHTER and me and my mum sat in the dark fiddling with the electrics, when we have no idea what we are doing?
Last time this happened, I called my dad and he was in his car within seconds coming around to fix it and to make sure I was ok, as I was sat in the kitchen with a fridge for a light, as all the lights blew and I’m terrified of the dark. Despite the fact my dad didn’t have a clue what he was doing. He didn’t leave though, until EVERY light in the house was working again.
Yet my sister’s dad who I grew up with from the age of 4 until I was 16, doesn’t give a shit and is so selfish. She tells my mum every day that she wants to go and live with her dad and it makes me so angry, because she doesn’t understand how much our mum does for us in comparison to him. Yes he paid for us to go on holidays, but money isn’t what matters to me and surely after eleven years of raising me, he should care about what goes on in our house.
Mum’s managed to fix the fuses ON HER OWN, although my light is buggered and now I’ve got to sit in the dark for days until someone else can fix it for me. He built snowmen with me, took me abroad and other things, which he did, but didn’t have to do and now that I actually need him he’s not here.