Disgusting Families

Yesterday I went out with my mum to the town centre, where we got paninis and then sat in a small park eating them. As per usual, we broke off small chunks to feed to the surrounding birds. One of them, was a pigeon with a deformed foot and he sat next to mum, staring up at her. A few minutes later, a group of four people began walking towards us, with a boy of about 2/3 years in tow. The boy began running at the birds and I sat, waiting for the family to tell him to leave the birds alone, as I would do if I had kids, as I don’t believe you should harm any living animals. Yet, his family soon caught up with him and began cheering him on, telling him to kick the birds! He went straight for the deformed pigeon, which managed to fly out of the way of his foot just in time. His mum turned and smiled at me, but my reply was an angry gaze. They stayed there for about a minute, just watching this young boy trying to kick the birds and then walked off. I nearly had a go at them and if the little boy had managed to kick one of the birds, I for sure would have lost my temper! Some people in this world are disgusting and have no morals. I fear how this young child is going to turn out when he grows up.


Spider Alert 5

I’m sure spiders must know that I’m terrified of them, because they seem to think that my house is ideal for them. I thought my luck was bad last night, but after seeing this one outside of my house, right next to my door as you can see, I don’t plan on leaving my house for a very long time!


Spider Alert 4

I’m not having much luck tonight. As I was going to bed, I saw a spider on my bedroom ceiling. I watched it to see where it went and it crawled above my bed. It started walking down the wall at the other side, by where my pillows are and I knew it had to go. I went to the bathroom, got toilet paper and bravely tried to grab it off of the wall, but I dropped it and it went either behind my bed or on my bed, so no chance I was sleeping there!

I grabbed my quilt, laptop, phone and a book that I’m currently reading and made my way downstairs to the frontroom. I sat on the black rug and began typing away to one of my email pals. As I was typing I saw a spider right next to my knee! I jumped and ran and once again got some toilet paper. I got this spider though! Much bigger than the one upstairs.

I am now sat on a dining chair in the middle of my front room, with my legs crossed on it. I am checking the whole room for spiders constantly and I don’t think that I’ll be getting any sleep tonight!


Mark Roberts

My mum was smiling about this handsome man that she had met, who was cousins with the boyfriend of her best friend. A few days later, he asked her on a date and she accepted. He began regularly taking her out for meals; she would get dressed up and run out of the house and into his car. He would park away from the house, as mum didn’t want me and my sister meeting him yet, as it was early days. I would creep up behind her, hide behind the bushes and watch them drive off together, wandering who this mysterious man was. They carried on going out for meals together for a few months, but after a while, mum realised that he wasn’t the right one for her and she decided to stop going out for meals with him.

They both moved on and got into new relationships and a year or two later, she got a text to say that he was dead. Mark Roberts had been murdered:

he had been walking through a park when he was approached by four teenagers – Sheppard, who was 17 at the time, another boy and two girls, aged between 15 and 17.

The girl from Bristol, who was 15 at the time, had been accused of attacking Mr Roberts and then using her mobile phone to film Sheppard beating him to death.

She filmed for about 90 seconds during the attack, which involved kicking and stamping on Mr Roberts and repeatedly banging his head on the pavement, it was said.

Jurors heard the video clip was later deleted and police have never been able to recover it.

Mr Roberts suffered a cardiac arrest and was taken to Weston General Hospital where he died 36 hours later.

When the attack happened, Mark was walking home drunk and it was the alcohol mixed with the blunt force trauma to his head that killed him.

Ryan Sheppard pleaded guilty to the murder of Mark Roberts, after shoe printed bruises were found on Mark’s forehead and blood on his shoes and elbow. He has yet to be sentenced.

The girl who filmed the attack was found… not guilty!

I do not understand how she could have been found not guilty, when any other normal human being would have stopped the murder and not filmed the attack! She was just as much to blame as Ryan Sheppard. I still feel sick to my stomach, thinking of the day it happened and my mum driving home from town in tears. Whatever sentence Ryan Sheppard gets will not be enough and I hope that he rots in hell. I feel disgusted seeing the messages of support from family members and friends on Facebook!

R.I.P Mark Roberts, mum still thinks about you all of the time.


Verbal ticks

Is there a word or a phrase you use (or overuse) all the time, and are seemingly unable to get rid of? If not, what’s the one that drives you crazy when others use it?


The one phrase that I use constantly, which I’ve noticed is starting to annoy a lot of people is ‘are you having a laugh?’ Especially when people talk about high prices or bad events that have happened. Sometimes it sounds like I’m taking the mick, but I’m not and that’s just my immediate response to a lot of things.

My boyfriend also constantly says ‘don’t say that!” Which bugs me. Like if I say I feel emotional today, like something bad is going to happen or I’m nervous about something, that’s the response I usually get. He says it in a reassuring, calm way though. I’ve started saying it too now! So we’re going to be a right annoying pair, when he starts saying ‘are you having a laugh?’ constantly!


Tom after the operation

I haven’t wrote in a few days, because I’ve been busy writing letters to my pen pals and phoning Tom, to check that he is okay.
It was his birthday the day that he had his operation to fix the break just above/on his elbow and he turned 19. I sat for 5 hours and 20 minutes, counting up the time as it went past and occasionally texting his mum to check that all was going okay.
Tom text me the second that he woke up after his surgery to say that all went well and the operation was a success. I didn’t visit him that day, as his mum told me not to, so that he could concentrate on recovering from the operation.
I went to visit him the day after instead and brought lots of chocolate with me!
He tried to walk that day, but ended up passing out. A couple of days later, he finally walked for the first time and yesterday he even walked up some stairs!
The doctors have decided not to bother giving him a back brace, but they have given him one final scan to check that all is okay. They are 95% sure that he will be out of hospital tomorrow and I can’t wait to see him, as I haven’t seen him now for 4 days, as it is difficult for me to get to the hospital and back.

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Tom in hospital

I went to see Tom at six yesterday evening, as I had to wait until my Grandad had finished work. I was there for two hours, as visiting hours stopped at eight. I was shocked at how good he looked when I walked in. I was expecting the works, such as black eyes. He had a mark from his seatbelt on one shoulder, his legs were black and blue, a sling on one arm and cuts up one side of his face, but considering that he had been in a crash that had nearly ended his life, he looked really good!
It was scary seeing him led there in a hospital bed. When his mum and stepdad left the room, I burst into tears. He told me that everything was going to be okay and held my hand. We had a few jokes about his bed hair and the fact he ordered garden peas and garlic bread for dinner. We also spoke serious too, at how he thought he was going to die and that if he survived I would leave him!
I don’t know why he thought I could ever leave him. I care about him so much and the fact he’s been through what he has, is just going to make us stronger!
He rang me that night; his mum had bought him a pay as you go phone, as he didn’t have signal on his other one. We spoke about the future; how we were going to have a Husky, Swedish Vallhund, a Pomeranian and lots of cats!
He was meant to have an operation at 2am, but it got cancelled. The longer the operation takes, the longer he’ll be in hospital and it’s difficult for me to get there and back.
It’s his birthday today; I’m not going to see him today, but I left him a bag of letters, cards and presents when I left yesterday, so he opened that this morning and sent me a text thanking me and telling me how much he loves me.

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