Tom in hospital

I went to see Tom at six yesterday evening, as I had to wait until my Grandad had finished work. I was there for two hours, as visiting hours stopped at eight. I was shocked at how good he looked when I walked in. I was expecting the works, such as black eyes. He had a mark from his seatbelt on one shoulder, his legs were black and blue, a sling on one arm and cuts up one side of his face, but considering that he had been in a crash that had nearly ended his life, he looked really good!
It was scary seeing him led there in a hospital bed. When his mum and stepdad left the room, I burst into tears. He told me that everything was going to be okay and held my hand. We had a few jokes about his bed hair and the fact he ordered garden peas and garlic bread for dinner. We also spoke serious too, at how he thought he was going to die and that if he survived I would leave him!
I don’t know why he thought I could ever leave him. I care about him so much and the fact he’s been through what he has, is just going to make us stronger!
He rang me that night; his mum had bought him a pay as you go phone, as he didn’t have signal on his other one. We spoke about the future; how we were going to have a Husky, Swedish Vallhund, a Pomeranian and lots of cats!
He was meant to have an operation at 2am, but it got cancelled. The longer the operation takes, the longer he’ll be in hospital and it’s difficult for me to get there and back.
It’s his birthday today; I’m not going to see him today, but I left him a bag of letters, cards and presents when I left yesterday, so he opened that this morning and sent me a text thanking me and telling me how much he loves me.

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