Tom after the operation

I haven’t wrote in a few days, because I’ve been busy writing letters to my pen pals and phoning Tom, to check that he is okay.
It was his birthday the day that he had his operation to fix the break just above/on his elbow and he turned 19. I sat for 5 hours and 20 minutes, counting up the time as it went past and occasionally texting his mum to check that all was going okay.
Tom text me the second that he woke up after his surgery to say that all went well and the operation was a success. I didn’t visit him that day, as his mum told me not to, so that he could concentrate on recovering from the operation.
I went to visit him the day after instead and brought lots of chocolate with me!
He tried to walk that day, but ended up passing out. A couple of days later, he finally walked for the first time and yesterday he even walked up some stairs!
The doctors have decided not to bother giving him a back brace, but they have given him one final scan to check that all is okay. They are 95% sure that he will be out of hospital tomorrow and I can’t wait to see him, as I haven’t seen him now for 4 days, as it is difficult for me to get to the hospital and back.

The link below takes you to the post before!


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