Disgusting Families

Yesterday I went out with my mum to the town centre, where we got paninis and then sat in a small park eating them. As per usual, we broke off small chunks to feed to the surrounding birds. One of them, was a pigeon with a deformed foot and he sat next to mum, staring up at her. A few minutes later, a group of four people began walking towards us, with a boy of about 2/3 years in tow. The boy began running at the birds and I sat, waiting for the family to tell him to leave the birds alone, as I would do if I had kids, as I don’t believe you should harm any living animals. Yet, his family soon caught up with him and began cheering him on, telling him to kick the birds! He went straight for the deformed pigeon, which managed to fly out of the way of his foot just in time. His mum turned and smiled at me, but my reply was an angry gaze. They stayed there for about a minute, just watching this young boy trying to kick the birds and then walked off. I nearly had a go at them and if the little boy had managed to kick one of the birds, I for sure would have lost my temper! Some people in this world are disgusting and have no morals. I fear how this young child is going to turn out when he grows up.


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