Gran Canaria stray cats.

When I went to Gran Canaria, there were four stray cats that would wander around the apartments.

IMGP4809I’m not sure whether this cat was male or female, but I named them Percy. Percy was friendly and you could go up to Percy and stroke it, but they wouldn’t walk over to you. Percy clearly had been groomed well, so not sure if it was genuinely a stray or just a cat that liked to wander around the apartments.

IMGP4810I only saw this cat once and not sure about the gender.

IMGP4811This was a little female kitten that I named Speckles. She was very skinny and lived off insects. It took a while to win her trust. On the first night she ran away from me and then the second she let me stroke her once, before running. I soon won her trust over though, when I gave her a slice of ham. She was sat on my lap purring and would sit outside my apartment door meowing. She must have only been about 10 weeks old.

IMGP4960I will miss Smokey lots. She always looked out for the kitten and I noticed that they were never far from each other. I’m not sure if she is the mother of Speckles, or just a friend. Smokey was the most approachable of all of the cats and after feeding her some turkey, she would sit on my lap purring and kneading me. One night I saw her being kicked by a little boy and I ran between them and saved her. Some people in this world are disgusting and I hope she’s doing okay now.


What happened to you?

Among the people you’ve known for a long time, who is the person who’s changed the most over the years? Was the change for the better?


I was in year 9 or 10 and a girl moved to my school, due to being bullied. I had been bullied too throughout my school years, so I decided to make an effort with her to become friends. There was a youth club I used to go to on Friday nights and I invited her along one Friday. She began coming with me most Fridays after that.

She had ADHD and Tourette’s, which she was on medication for, so she was quite a loud person, but at the same time she had a heart of gold and could never hurt a fly; her favourite word seemed to be ‘sorry.’ We spent most of our time together, even going for a weekend away together to Thorpe Park. It all changed when she lost her virginity.

After losing her virginity, she cheated on her boyfriend with my cousin! I felt so bad, as I felt responsible and on my advice, she left her boyfriend. She then began going out clubbing and she would always find a guy to sleep with. She started to put men before her friendship with me. She once made a comment at me about no guy wanting me, because I’d slept with less people than her.

She tried turning my whole family against me, by spreading lies, such as I beat her up and she ended up in hospital and that I left her to die when she was having an asthma attack. When she had the asthma attack I had gone to hospital with her and sat with her from midnight until 6 in the morning!

The last time I went out with her, I was meant to be sleeping at hers, but she decided that she wanted to go round to this party with ten guys she’d never met in her life. We would be the only females there. I told her there was no way I was going to, so she went off in a taxi and left me stranded in town. My friend had to give me money for a taxi home.

I never spoke to her again after that. She had gone from the girl with the heart of gold, who would have done anything for me, to the girl whose only interest was sleeping with men.