Today is not going very well for me. I had to catch a train at 7:25am to get to university, to study a complimentary course, which I’m not even interested in! I finally found the classroom, after many different flights of stairs and then had no clue about anything to do with the lesson!
After that ONE lesson finished it was time for me to do the train journey all over again.
I found my platform and sat eating some lunch, thinking my train was half hour away. During this time a spider fell out of my hair and onto my phone that I was holding!
I waited for the train but it didn’t arrive. I realised it was 2 and a half hours away, not half away! I had gone to the complete wrong platform. I legged it to the right platform and my train was just about to leave the station, so I jumped right on. Let’s hope I’ve got the right train!


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