Sorry, do I know you?

How did it get to this? We’re cousins by blood, but have grown up as best friends. We regarded each other as sisters and were even looking to get matching tattoos. But now it’s if we are strangers. I don’t message you anymore, we don’t see each other at all and family meals are not as often. What went wrong? Maybe we are just too different now. We’re growing up and I have turned out to enjoy my own company and be a rather creative individual, whereas you’re just always out partying. You were once the most general person I knew and now you are so selfish. We go to the same university and you never offer me a lift, so whilst you drive up I have to take two trains and a bus. I would never put you through that! I guess we’re just getting older now and our differences are really beginning to show. I wish that I missed you. But I don’t. I feel numb.


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