Being sad about Cecil the lion doesn’t make me a hypocrite

I am so sad to read so many people who are vegan claiming that non-vegans have no right to mourn the loss of Cecil the lion, as it makes us hypocritical. I am here to express my opinion of my beliefs and stick up for what I believe in – I don’t want any hate for it, I just want people to understand.

I eat meat, but the hunting of Cecil the lion was very upsetting for me. I actually am qualified to work with animals – I have worked at a vets, on a farm and even went to South Africa where I experienced working with the animals at Shamwari Game Reserve – whilst I was there I managed to find and dispose of three animal traps. I stick up for animals rights, signed many petitions over my lifetime including to stop the hunting of foxes and the destruction of animal habitats. I’ve applied to foster cats and kittens, although my house wasn’t considered suitable for it due to not having a spare bedroom. I have saved birds from the jaws of my cats – I even nursed one back to health. I built it a nest out of shredded paper and fed it. I have helped a dog give birth to puppies and sat with a runaway dog for over two hours waiting for the dog warden to get it and find the owners. Do you still think I’m a bad person?

I do not help animals because it’s the right thing to do, I help them because I want to and because I care. I have a conscience and eating meat does not make me any less of a person. People have eaten meat since the beginning of time, people have used fur to keep warm since the beginning of time. I pay extra for my food, because I always buy food that is ‘free range’ meaning the animal was kept in really good conditions throughout it’s life. I don’t think eating meat is wrong. What I think is wrong is killing animals for the fun of it. Who has the right to go out and kill an animal just because it would look nice as a rug on the floor? Who has the right to kill a tiger for it’s bones as herbal medicine, which isn’t even proven to work? Who has the right to test on animals – lead them to a life of misery until they’re disposed of when there are alternative methods and more then half of the time the results aren’t accurate anyway? Who has the right to lead rhinos to the point of extinction? Who has the right to kill an elephant for it’s tusks to ‘make some money’?

Why are you choosing to mourn the loss of Cecil? I choose to mourn the loss because I don’t understand how there is any good reason for what happened to him and I CERTAINLY DON’T agree with the methods of killing. He was shot with a bow and arrow and was eventually killed 40 hours later and nothing could be worth the suffering he went through. Just like me, Cecil eats meat and yet you still choose to mourn him, how is a lion any better?


2 thoughts on “Being sad about Cecil the lion doesn’t make me a hypocrite

  1. You can certainly mourn his loss. But yes, it’s hypocritical because you do not mourn the other MILLION animals who die at our hands every day. Just because our ancestors ate animals, doesn’t mean that we should. Our ancestors also had slaves, didn’t allow women to work, stoned people to death, etc… that doesn’t make it okay for us to do so. Since one can easily be vegan, if you care about animal rights, human rights, or the environment at all, then you must move towards veganism. I appreciate your point of view, but it does not make sense that people only care about certain species, and not others. Your free range meat still causes the death of an animal who wanted to live. You are still taking the rights away from an animal by eating his flesh, milk, eggs, etc. You are an animal welfarist, which is wonderful (animals need as much help as they can get), but to stand up for animals’ rights means one would encompass all species and their right to live unexploited.

    • I will not approve anymore of ‘these’ posts, I have a right to express my own opinion, to feel how I want and to believe in what I want. I DO stand up for animal rights and will continue to do so and when I said ancestors I meant in the beginning of the time – cavemen – when man was literally doing what he had to do to survive. I don’t only care about certain species and not others, for example, as I said I worked on a farm. People can eat animals, I don’t have a problem with that, I have a problem with REASONS people kill animals such as to make money or to have as a trophy. I will certainly agree that it is too easy for people nowadays, for example if we were left to hunt our own food then I would 100% become vegetarian. Whether I stop eating meat or not, billions of other people will continue to do so and me not eating meat does not stop the fact that animals will be killed for consumption – so how is wasting the meat any better? Does this mean you do not believe in animal euthanasia? Because many humans get their pets euthanised, but that is also taking away a life. I would never become vegan though, I do not see the harm in drinking milk, eating cheese or eggs which most of the time aren’t even fertilised anyway. I will continue to support animals and fight for their rights, whether people agree with me or not, because I KNOW that I am not a bad person. I wonder if vegans ever stopped to mourn all the animals that Cecil killed in his lifetime to EAT, because mourning the loss of a predator is surely hypocritical too.

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