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Sleepless Hotel

On the 29th of November, a friend and I spent the night in a hotel in Bath after going to a poetry event. It was meant to be a lovely evening – dinner together, poetry and then gossiping before going to sleep. The day started off amazing, other than the bitter wind burning our fingers as we tried deciphering the sat nav on my phone, but it all went downhill once we settled down for the night in the hotel. After discovering that we share the same favourite film (The Lion King,) we decided to put it on and have a little sing along. We were both laughing and singing along, when we heard a load of banging from the hallway. Two drunk people staggering to their room. All we could hear was the lady shouting ‘lock the door. Lock the door’ and within seconds we were listening to what could only be described as an amateur porno. I have never heard a lady moaning so loud in all of my life and I don’t mean as she orgasmed, I mean from start to finish! Fake, disgusting moans. To top it all off, it started just as Mufasa dies (spoiler there if you haven’t seen the film, sorry!) which makes me cry every single time and they totally ruined it for me. There was loads of banging happening at the same time too, like they were banging against walls, the floor, whatever, you name it. We had to pause the film so many times that half an hour later, we were still at the same scene. And then it finally stopped and went quiet. For five minutes. And then it started up AGAIN! A woman moaning as loud as possible, the guy swearing constantly. I didn’t know whether to barge into their room and punch their lights out or break down and cry with frustration. It was nearly midnight at this point and I had to get up for uni the next morning. They totally were wrecking my night and these vile people had no respect for anyone else. We tried phoning reception but we couldn’t get through, so instead we called out for them to shut up, which helped the situation quieten down for all of two seconds. They didn’t know who was in the room next to them, how did they know that there weren’t little children in our room? Little children who had to listen to them? How would a parent have explained that to their children? The only other excuse I can think of is that someone is being murdered and that answer is no better to tell a little child. We finally managed to fall asleep and when I woke up my friend was sat in bed on her laptop. “Why are you up so early?” Turned out she’d woken up them having sex AGAIN at 4am. I feel nothing but hate towards these vile people. They wrecked my favourite movie, kept up awake and had no respect for anyone else. So selfish. I had hoped that when we left our room that morning that we’d bump into them as we left, so we could give them a piece of our minds, but no such luck. I hope they both feel ashamed of themselves and I would call the lady a whore, but that name is too good for her!