It’s MY hair.

Why do people always feel the need to stick their two cents in? I made the decision to dye my hair blue after having pink hair for two years and boy do a lot of family members have stuff to say about it!

Now I understand that everyone is opinionated deep down, but I hardly did anything that deserves so much controversy. I haven’t exactly murdered anyone, I just dyed my hair. I don’t judge people for making the choice to not dye their hair, or for dying their hair a ‘normal’ hair colour.

I’ve already had the ‘Wow, it’s a bit bright, isn’t it?’
Well no shit! I picked the colour, I knew it would be bright.

And after mentioning this to my mum she admitted that she’s also been approached about my hair. She was asked why the hell I would do such a thing to my hair and her reply was ‘because she wanted to.’ Why is my mum being questioned for my hair colour choice? What do you want her to say? That she’s sorry I made the choice to dye my hair and she’ll be a better parent next time and prevent it even though I’m 23 years old and adult enough to make my own decisions?

It just reminds me of the time I got my lip pierced. I was seventeen, wanted it since I was twelve and mum made me wait years to make sure it was really what I wanted and to finish school first. One family member called her a bad parent for allowing me to pierce my lip. Despite the fact that one of her children was a smoker that drunk every weekend and was even beginning to mess around with weed – and I didn’t do any of that. Hmmm…

People will always have opinions, but I think people need to learn to keep them to themselves sometimes. As long as I’m not hurting anyone, how does my choice of hair colour affect anyone?