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Replacements don’t work

When Mum decided to rehome our dog, Izzy, I was devastated. I was going through a grieving process, which I didn’t even realise was possible, considering she was rehomed, not dead, but I found out the fact of never seeing her again hurt just as much as the alternative. Mum couldn’t cope with Izzy. She didn’t like the ‘commitment’ of a dog. She didn’t like the fact she couldn’t go out and do as she pleased whenever she wanted anymore.

Mum’s way of apologising was by getting me a kitten to replace Izzy. I picked out a beautiful calico, which I named Bo. She cried the whole journey home and and was very shy, but she grew to trust us and we loved her.

I still looked out for ‘the yellow van’ that I knew Izzy’s new owner owned, whenever I was out and I decided if I saw him I would confront him and take her back home with me. But I never saw him. Months went by and I learnt to cope without her. The replacement of Bo seemed to work and I forgot about Izzy, or so I thought…

It started at a car boot sale nearly three years later. Everyone was walking around, most of whom had dogs on leads walking next to them. I saw how happy they were and what I was missing out on. I looked down at my own empty hand and felt lost. From then on, I could feel tears prick my eyes every time I walked past a dog. I sunk into grief, would cry all the time. It was like there was a space in my heart needing to be filled.

Today, I still don’t have a dog. I still have that missing piece. But I have learnt a valuable lesson. You can’t just replace something you love.

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Sleep Tight Mr Pigeon


So on Friday when my mum was walking home from work she came across this pigeon who had just been attacked by a cat. It had blood dripping from it, feathers surrounding it and it couldn’t fly. She sat on the ground next to it to protect it and rang me to come and help. I grabbed the cat carrier and came running down the road to save it.

I managed to catch it and shut it in the carrier. I could see that it had fang marks on it’s back between it’s wings and one eye missing. I took it straight to the vets for a check up where they found out that it had no broken bones but there was a big gash under one of it’s wings which they would need to look at.

I went home feeling happy that this pigeon had a chance but I rang up the next day to check on him and they had put him to sleep due to the gash under the wing. It had done more damage than they’d first realised and wouldn’t have been able to fly again.

I wish I could have saved him and pretty upset that I couldn’t but R.I.P Mr Pigeon.


Being sad about Cecil the lion doesn’t make me a hypocrite

I am so sad to read so many people who are vegan claiming that non-vegans have no right to mourn the loss of Cecil the lion, as it makes us hypocritical. I am here to express my opinion of my beliefs and stick up for what I believe in – I don’t want any hate for it, I just want people to understand.

I eat meat, but the hunting of Cecil the lion was very upsetting for me. I actually am qualified to work with animals – I have worked at a vets, on a farm and even went to South Africa where I experienced working with the animals at Shamwari Game Reserve – whilst I was there I managed to find and dispose of three animal traps. I stick up for animals rights, signed many petitions over my lifetime including to stop the hunting of foxes and the destruction of animal habitats. I’ve applied to foster cats and kittens, although my house wasn’t considered suitable for it due to not having a spare bedroom. I have saved birds from the jaws of my cats – I even nursed one back to health. I built it a nest out of shredded paper and fed it. I have helped a dog give birth to puppies and sat with a runaway dog for over two hours waiting for the dog warden to get it and find the owners. Do you still think I’m a bad person?

I do not help animals because it’s the right thing to do, I help them because I want to and because I care. I have a conscience and eating meat does not make me any less of a person. People have eaten meat since the beginning of time, people have used fur to keep warm since the beginning of time. I pay extra for my food, because I always buy food that is ‘free range’ meaning the animal was kept in really good conditions throughout it’s life. I don’t think eating meat is wrong. What I think is wrong is killing animals for the fun of it. Who has the right to go out and kill an animal just because it would look nice as a rug on the floor? Who has the right to kill a tiger for it’s bones as herbal medicine, which isn’t even proven to work? Who has the right to test on animals – lead them to a life of misery until they’re disposed of when there are alternative methods and more then half of the time the results aren’t accurate anyway? Who has the right to lead rhinos to the point of extinction? Who has the right to kill an elephant for it’s tusks to ‘make some money’?

Why are you choosing to mourn the loss of Cecil? I choose to mourn the loss because I don’t understand how there is any good reason for what happened to him and I CERTAINLY DON’T agree with the methods of killing. He was shot with a bow and arrow and was eventually killed 40 hours later and nothing could be worth the suffering he went through. Just like me, Cecil eats meat and yet you still choose to mourn him, how is a lion any better?


Gran Canaria stray cats.

When I went to Gran Canaria, there were four stray cats that would wander around the apartments.

IMGP4809I’m not sure whether this cat was male or female, but I named them Percy. Percy was friendly and you could go up to Percy and stroke it, but they wouldn’t walk over to you. Percy clearly had been groomed well, so not sure if it was genuinely a stray or just a cat that liked to wander around the apartments.

IMGP4810I only saw this cat once and not sure about the gender.

IMGP4811This was a little female kitten that I named Speckles. She was very skinny and lived off insects. It took a while to win her trust. On the first night she ran away from me and then the second she let me stroke her once, before running. I soon won her trust over though, when I gave her a slice of ham. She was sat on my lap purring and would sit outside my apartment door meowing. She must have only been about 10 weeks old.

IMGP4960I will miss Smokey lots. She always looked out for the kitten and I noticed that they were never far from each other. I’m not sure if she is the mother of Speckles, or just a friend. Smokey was the most approachable of all of the cats and after feeding her some turkey, she would sit on my lap purring and kneading me. One night I saw her being kicked by a little boy and I ran between them and saved her. Some people in this world are disgusting and I hope she’s doing okay now.


Disgusting Families

Yesterday I went out with my mum to the town centre, where we got paninis and then sat in a small park eating them. As per usual, we broke off small chunks to feed to the surrounding birds. One of them, was a pigeon with a deformed foot and he sat next to mum, staring up at her. A few minutes later, a group of four people began walking towards us, with a boy of about 2/3 years in tow. The boy began running at the birds and I sat, waiting for the family to tell him to leave the birds alone, as I would do if I had kids, as I don’t believe you should harm any living animals. Yet, his family soon caught up with him and began cheering him on, telling him to kick the birds! He went straight for the deformed pigeon, which managed to fly out of the way of his foot just in time. His mum turned and smiled at me, but my reply was an angry gaze. They stayed there for about a minute, just watching this young boy trying to kick the birds and then walked off. I nearly had a go at them and if the little boy had managed to kick one of the birds, I for sure would have lost my temper! Some people in this world are disgusting and have no morals. I fear how this young child is going to turn out when he grows up.


Giraffe kisses dying zookeeper

“Northern European countries have lately been making headlines about giraffes — primarily due to their controversial policy of euthanizing healthy zoo giraffes to prevent inbreeding. But today, the European giraffes are making headlines for something different. In a heartbreaking scene, Dutch giraffes give kisses and say farewell to a terminally-ill cancer patient who spent his entire adult life caring for them.

A 54-year old man, known only as Mario, was able to fulfill his dying wish to say goodbye to the animals he considered family, thanks to the Dutch equivalent of the American Make-a-Wish Foundation. Known as the Ambulance Wish Foundation, the organization arranged with the Dutch Zoo to have Mario wheeled into the giraffes’ enclosure so he could bid them farewell.

The reunion was deeply touching to those who witnessed it. Kees Veldboer, the founder of the Ambulance Wish Foundation, watched as the giraffes clearly recognized Mario even though he was horizontal and wrapped in blankets. In a snapshot that has stirred emotions across cyberspace, Mario lies in his hospital bed while one of his giraffes leans over, sniffs him and then plants a big wet lick on his cheek.

The Ambulance Wish Foundation specializes in taking terminally-ill patients one last time to places they loved or have always wanted to see.” – According to PCA