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Replacements don’t work

When Mum decided to rehome our dog, Izzy, I was devastated. I was going through a grieving process, which I didn’t even realise was possible, considering she was rehomed, not dead, but I found out the fact of never seeing her again hurt just as much as the alternative. Mum couldn’t cope with Izzy. She didn’t like the ‘commitment’ of a dog. She didn’t like the fact she couldn’t go out and do as she pleased whenever she wanted anymore.

Mum’s way of apologising was by getting me a kitten to replace Izzy. I picked out a beautiful calico, which I named Bo. She cried the whole journey home and and was very shy, but she grew to trust us and we loved her.

I still looked out for ‘the yellow van’ that I knew Izzy’s new owner owned, whenever I was out and I decided if I saw him I would confront him and take her back home with me. But I never saw him. Months went by and I learnt to cope without her. The replacement of Bo seemed to work and I forgot about Izzy, or so I thought…

It started at a car boot sale nearly three years later. Everyone was walking around, most of whom had dogs on leads walking next to them. I saw how happy they were and what I was missing out on. I looked down at my own empty hand and felt lost. From then on, I could feel tears prick my eyes every time I walked past a dog. I sunk into grief, would cry all the time. It was like there was a space in my heart needing to be filled.

Today, I still don’t have a dog. I still have that missing piece. But I have learnt a valuable lesson. You can’t just replace something you love.


The Beautiful Male Cat.


Yesterday, my mum came running into the house saying that there was a cat outside of our house, looking very poorly. I ran outside, completely barefooted and saw the cat; he was stood on our doorstep, crying and shaking. I asked mum if he was affectionate and she didn’t know, so I walked over to him and stroked him; I could feel all of his ribs. I then picked him up and cuddled him, whilst mum ran into the house to get come cat food. I put him on the floor next to the food, but he wouldn’t eat it and just kept sniffing it instead, despite his starving look.

we decided to take him to the vets, so I got our spare cat box and put him inside of it and my boyfriend and I drove him to the vets. We ran in through the front door, plonked the box on top of their desk and explained where we had found him and his behaviour. They took my name, address and number and took him in to give him a check over.

He had no microchip, so they couldn’t phone his owners, although they did suggest that they reckoned he was a once loved cat, who had been a stray for a while now. My mum came back the next morning to pick up our cat box and sadly they found that he had kidney failure, which resulted in him having to be put down.