Dear Next Door Neighbour

Dear next door neighbour,

It would have been nice for you to warn me, that you were going to have work done to your house. I live next door to you, the walls are very thin and I can hear EVERYTHING. I can hear when you are hammering and I can hear when you are drilling. To top it all off, the work started at 8:30am this morning. It is one of my days off of university and I was looking forward to having a lie in after a whole day of coursework yesterday, but no, how can you sleep through all of that banging?

Even though I am pissed off, my cat is TERRIFIED, which is making me even more annoyed. She can’t settle down, because every time she tries to, you start drilling and she starts running around the house, really scared, trying to find a safe place to hide. There is no place in my house, where you can’t hear the work being done to your house, so in relation to that, she actually has no safe place to hide. You can’t sit a cat down and say “Hey, calm down, it’s just next door, deciding to make loads of noise at a RIDICULOUS time in the morning,” and therefore she remains very alert and scared.

I didn’t think it would be that difficult for you to knock on my door and warn us, but obviously it was a big problem for you. We’re not nasty people. But we may turn nasty if this carries on!