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Feeling used

We all have that one friend don’t we? The one where friendships are only important if there is no guy on the scene.
She was my best friend in school and I had no doubts at all that she would be in my life forever. We were so close and did everything together. Once school was over we both went off to college and she met a guy there. I soon became a part of the background sharing texts every so often and nothing more. Two years later she went off to university and they got engaged. She came back home for a few days and messaged asking to meet up. I was straight round her house and we didn’t leave each other’s side for two days. It was just like old times. She went back and then a few weeks later was home again asking me to come over. Turns out that her boyfriend cheated on her and they’d split so she was only in need of me during the rocky patch. We were seeing each other every single day and then she went all quiet. About a week later her relationship status changed to in a relationship with this new guy and I haven’t heard from her since!
Definitely feeling like a doormat.

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20 songs to listen to when you just want to have a good old cry!

#1 My Chemical Romance – The ghost of you

#2 Avril Lavigne – When you’re gone

#3 Kodaline – High hopes

#4 Safety Suit – What if

#5 Bonnie Raitt – I can’t make you love me

#6 The Verve – Sonnet

#7 The Fray – How to save a life

#8 Coldplay – The scientist

#9 Faber drive – When I’m with you

#10 P!nk – Who knew

#11 Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge over troubled water

#12 Elton John – Candle in the wind

#13 Aerosmith – I don’t want to miss a thing

#14 The Calling – Wherever you will go

#15 The Rasmus – Liquid

#16 Simple Plan – Untitled

#17 Evanescence – My immortal

#18 Tokio Hotel – Don’t jump

#19 Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody

#20 Elvis Presley – Always on my mind