Negative nan

Why do you always feel the need to put me down? You never have anything nice to say about me. Yet I am your only grandchild that actually bothers with you! I send you texts making sure you’re okay, I call you and I even ask for your help with crosswords, when I know I don’t need too and could easily find the answer, just to give you something to do.
Chloe doesn’t like you at all, she won’t ever say she loves you and Ethan cries at the sight of you. Yet I stick around and you never have anything nice to say about me.
I remember when I was about 17, getting dressed up for a party and there was a guy there, that I really wanted to impress. I put a dress on, styled my hair and did my makeup and Chloe smiled in amazement, “Wow you look like a princess!” For that one fleeting moment, I felt really good in myself… That was until you huffed and made a comment “Yeah, the one from Shrek.”
And things have not got better since, you still manage to pick out any flaws or faults you can see and no matter what I do or how I dress there is always a negative comment aimed at me.
You called me fat. I showed you a picture of my new bikini. “Yeah I like the bikini, but you need to lose weight.” It’s like you can’t give a compliment, without an insult in tow. I said I felt fine and once again you huffed “you definitely need to lose quite a bit off of your tummy!” Why don’t you want me to feel good in myself?
You even upset Chloe, with what you said about me! She was telling you how she was going to get her ears pierced and you told her not to because piercings are disgusting and because I have piercings, Chloe asked if nan thought I was disgusting and her reply was yes! Why would you feel the need to say that about your own grandchild? You don’t understand how much you upset Chloe, it’s one thing insulting someone, but when you insult someone else, that the person really cares about, that can often hurt more!
Yet I still forgave you and agreed to go out to lunch with you and brought along my sister Kaylee and boyfriend. Needless to say he didn’t like you very much. How dare you tell my sister she shouldn’t sit next to me, because my ass is too fat? How dare you tell my sister that hopefully she’ll grow out of looking like me?
And to make it even worse you then went on to insult my face! “You need to buy new makeup. You’re too pale.” Well yes, I’m pale, which is exactly why I wear pale foundation! And when I made the comment that if I wore darker foundation, I would end up looking orange, all that you could say was “Well anything would be better than looking like that, wouldn’t it?”
I don’t know how many more times I can cry and feel bad in myself and I do not know how many more times I can forgive you.