My nan – The Lost Fighter

So in a previous post I spoke about how my Nan is in hospital and every time we think we are going to lose her, she all of a sudden improves. My dad was called to the hospital yesterday to say goodbye for the third time this week and sat with her for hours on end. She had definitely worsened, ie she looked asleep but her eyes were open and couldn’t even register when someone was talking to her anymore. He decided to stay with her overnight and they gave him a blanket and a pillow, whilst he sat on the chair next to her bed. She lost her battle at 4:20am.


My nan – the fighter

My nan has now been in hospital for 2/3 weeks after having what we believed to be a stroke, but turned out to be a fit. After running tests on her, they showed my dad a scan of her brain, which half of is shadowed by some sort of lump. They can’t run tests to see if it’s cancer or not as it’s too deep and they don’t want to put her to sleep for fear of her not waking back up. On Saturday I received a call off my dad asking if I wanted to go with him to the hospital as the doctors called him in urgently. They needed to drain her lungs and the next twelve hours were crucial. I decided not to go, so Dad went alone. She survived and outlived the 12 hours, despite no one believing she would. Today I received the urgent phone call again from Dad telling me I needed to get to the hospital to say goodbye. I got there and she couldn’t see anything, her left side seems to be paralysed, can’t talk and trouble breathing. The family crowded round to say goodbye and were there hours but nothing happened. Doctors decided to do some tests on her and turned out that her breathing etc had improved once again! She even managed to say hello to my mum when she walked into the ward. She doesn’t have long left, lumps are coming up daily and the lump in her brain is really affecting her but so far she’s proved to be a fighter and although she likely doesn’t have more than a few days left, we know that she held on as long as she could.


Giraffe kisses dying zookeeper

“Northern European countries have lately been making headlines about giraffes — primarily due to their controversial policy of euthanizing healthy zoo giraffes to prevent inbreeding. But today, the European giraffes are making headlines for something different. In a heartbreaking scene, Dutch giraffes give kisses and say farewell to a terminally-ill cancer patient who spent his entire adult life caring for them.

A 54-year old man, known only as Mario, was able to fulfill his dying wish to say goodbye to the animals he considered family, thanks to the Dutch equivalent of the American Make-a-Wish Foundation. Known as the Ambulance Wish Foundation, the organization arranged with the Dutch Zoo to have Mario wheeled into the giraffes’ enclosure so he could bid them farewell.

The reunion was deeply touching to those who witnessed it. Kees Veldboer, the founder of the Ambulance Wish Foundation, watched as the giraffes clearly recognized Mario even though he was horizontal and wrapped in blankets. In a snapshot that has stirred emotions across cyberspace, Mario lies in his hospital bed while one of his giraffes leans over, sniffs him and then plants a big wet lick on his cheek.

The Ambulance Wish Foundation specializes in taking terminally-ill patients one last time to places they loved or have always wanted to see.” – According to PCA