The Vampire Diaries

Death in Mystic Falls

*spoiler alert*

As I live in the UK, we are a bit behind when it comes to American programmes and one of the many ones that I watch is The Vampire Diaries. My cousin, however, watches it online and therefore is ahead of me. She called me up one day saying how I must watch The Vampire Diaries immediately, as there is a shocking death of one of the main characters and she’s been crying her eyes out. I asked her what episode she was on and she said 21 and as I was on 19 I decided I might as well watch the next two online to find out what the big commotion was all about.

Straight away I ruled out Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert, as they are the three main characters and main characters never die, as they somehow all seem to be invincible!

So then I thought to myself, well who could it be then? And I narrowed it down to two other characters, who were also main, but not main main if you know what I mean by that!

The first was Bonnie. She is ‘The Anchor’ to ‘The Other Side’ which means that all dead supernatural beings must go through her to get there. The Other Side is falling apart, due to an escapee and if The Other Side disappears then Bonnie disappears along with it.

The second possibility is Tyler; in the past two series or so, he had not been on it as often so I figured maybe they were trying to slowly write him out of the script, or maybe he was even going to star in The Originals instead.

I watched episode 20 and then began to watch episode 21, trying to work out who was going to die and when. At some point I believed Damon was going to die and I was soo pleased when he didn’t! Finally it came to the death scene and I must admit… I was shocked. R.I.P Stefan Salvatore. Although I’m hoping that somehow they will find a way to bring him back from the dead like they’ve done to other characters on this show many times before!