Gran Canaria stray cats.

When I went to Gran Canaria, there were four stray cats that would wander around the apartments.

IMGP4809I’m not sure whether this cat was male or female, but I named them Percy. Percy was friendly and you could go up to Percy and stroke it, but they wouldn’t walk over to you. Percy clearly had been groomed well, so not sure if it was genuinely a stray or just a cat that liked to wander around the apartments.

IMGP4810I only saw this cat once and not sure about the gender.

IMGP4811This was a little female kitten that I named Speckles. She was very skinny and lived off insects. It took a while to win her trust. On the first night she ran away from me and then the second she let me stroke her once, before running. I soon won her trust over though, when I gave her a slice of ham. She was sat on my lap purring and would sit outside my apartment door meowing. She must have only been about 10 weeks old.

IMGP4960I will miss Smokey lots. She always looked out for the kittenĀ and I noticed that they were never far from each other. I’m not sure if she is the mother of Speckles, or just a friend. Smokey was the most approachable of all of the cats and after feeding her some turkey, she would sit on my lap purring and kneading me. One night I saw her being kicked by a little boy and I ran between them and saved her. Some people in this world are disgusting and I hope she’s doing okay now.


This Is Why I Love My Mum

Her life was planned out; she knew what career she wanted and she was ready to move away from Weston. That was when she found out she was pregnant with me. She was in her early 20’s… 21 or 22, with no partner to support her. She knew who the father was; his name was Dave, but after an on off relationship, they had finally split for good. The family weren’t happy about the pregnancy and she received advice to abort me… But she wouldn’t get rid of her baby. She told my dad she was pregnant with his baby and he didn’t believe her, as she’d just come back from holiday and he thought that she’d slept with another guy whilst she was abroad. Being 20 years old with no kids, I can only imagine how scared mum was at being pregnant at such a young age, facing life as a single parent.

When I was first born, my grandparents took control of parenting me, so mum didn’t get a proper shot at it until we moved into our own little place when I was about two. From a young age I wouldn’t eat and had problems sleeping at night. Mum would have to sit in the kitchen with me for hours trying to get me to eat and sometimes she used to get angry and shout at me, but who can blame her? She must have been scared, especially being a first time mum. I slept with her every night until I was about five or six and she’d have to sit with me until I fell asleep. Me and my dad had a DNA test to prove I was his and when it came back positive, he entered my life, although I carried on living with mum.
When I was four she met someone else and they moved in with each other rather soon, as me and mum were about to lose our house. She got pregnant again when she was in her 30s, with my sister Kaylee. They split when I was 16 and now she’s a single mum of two kids, working two jobs to support us both, yet she never complains about the sacrifices she makes to look after us.