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Sometimes haven’t a cool mum isn’t so cool

My boyfriend has always said that he would much prefer a mum like mine to his, as his mum is very protective and mine is much more easy going and wanting me to get out and do things. She is in her 40s and just beginning to live her life now after having me at a young age and then being in a long term relationship, whereas his mum is settled down and married. Although there are so many benefits to a mum like mine, the weekends where Mum lets loose by going out and drinking with her mates can be a royal pain in the ass. Before she goes out there is a ton of asking me if she looks fat, checking her makeup, telling her what shoes go best, helping her pick out her jewellery etc and by the time she leaves I am exhausted. Tonight she came home drunk, talking loudly, walked upstairs to my bed and went to sleep on my arm. I sat in the same position until she woke up. She then decided she felt sick so I had to lock up the house, so I went downstairs and put the cats outside and locked up and went to go back to bed. But then she realised she didn’t have her phone so I had to go back downstairs to get her phone which she said was in her bag, but it wasn’t. Turned out it was in a different bag which she doesn’t normally use so I wouldn’t have known to look in it. Finally, I go to bed. Ten minutes later a missed phone call from my mum. I call out her name but she doesn’t reply so I tiredly get out of bed and go to her room where she is led in bed squinting at the bright screen of her phone. I ask her what she wants and turns out she ‘pressed the wrong button.’