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All because of a spider.

So a spider was found in my aunt’s garden and I wanted to know what type it was as it was much bigger than any I’d seen before. I put the picture into a craft group, which is known for allowing non craft related posts as long as they’re not offensive or networking in any way. My post got deleted, but it definitely wasn’t put there to offend anyone and for some reason I don’t think it’s something that would get me any sales. When I confronted about my post being deleted I got the reply that there are many people with phobias of spiders, well guess what? me too! but it’s still not exactly offensive. If phobias are the case then the group should be shut down, because at the end of the day there are so many phobias in this world that there is nothing you can post – I make things out of paper and I know that there are people with phobias of paper, especially the feel of it, so I guess that my business should be shut down! Ridiculous.


Day in Bristol

So I went to Bristol with my mum and sister to do some shopping and it was a very eventful day! When we got to the park and ride it was pouring with rain, so we put our hoods up and raced to the indoor part in wait for the next bus. When we finally got on the bus he charged mum £3, which we thought was awfully cheap! Turned out children go free and he’d thought I was a child and only charged for mum, even though I’m 20!

We sat on the top deck of the bus and my sister pointed out a spider next to me. It was orange and kept coming down on it’s web, before sliding back up. I was terrified and pretty much sat on my sister’s lap, until some lady got off the bus and walked into the spider. God help her when she realises that she has an orange spider on her scarf!

The first shop we went to is Blue Banana. NEVER GO THERE WITH YOUR MUM! Every time I picked up an item of clothing, I would see my mum give a silent shake of her head. I gave up on clothes and ended up buying bright pink hair dye instead!

Mum decided that we would go for tea and were on the floor with all the restaurants on without telling me. Due to this I got onto an escalator to go down to the clothing shops and heard mum shout, “Where are you going?” I had to run back up the escalator, looking like an idiot, in front of everyone. Mum thought it was hilarious and said she hadn’t seen me run so fast before. We ended up in Nandos because we’d never been there before. Seriously guys, what is all the fuss about? I didn’t think it was nice at all. I didn’t like the taste of the chicken, the burger was tiny and the only thing I enjoyed was the drink refills and the halloumi I paid for to put in my burger.

We finally got to Primark, where my sister decided (as you do) that she needed a wee, in the one shop we’d been in without toilets. I rushed her to the cafe in Primark and turns out you need a code to get into the toilets, which you can find on a receipt if you buy something. After Nandos my wallet is pretty empty so that’s not happening. I finally have to leave the store and take my sister to a three story Marks and Spencers, where the toilets just happen to be on the blimmin top floor!

Finally, we decide to go home. Waiting for the bus, it is pissing down with rain and I finally get a smile on my face after the lady next to me offers me her Radley umbrella!


Spider Alert 4

I’m not having much luck tonight. As I was going to bed, I saw a spider on my bedroom ceiling. I watched it to see where it went and it crawled above my bed. It started walking down the wall at the other side, by where my pillows are and I knew it had to go. I went to the bathroom, got toilet paper and bravely tried to grab it off of the wall, but I dropped it and it went either behind my bed or on my bed, so no chance I was sleeping there!

I grabbed my quilt, laptop, phone and a book that I’m currently reading and made my way downstairs to the frontroom. I sat on the black rug and began typing away to one of my email pals. As I was typing I saw a spider right next to my knee! I jumped and ran and once again got some toilet paper. I got this spider though! Much bigger than the one upstairs.

I am now sat on a dining chair in the middle of my front room, with my legs crossed on it. I am checking the whole room for spiders constantly and I don’t think that I’ll be getting any sleep tonight!


Spider alert!

So it’s pretty much half 2 in the morning and I have had the worst night possible so far. Mid-pee in the bathroom I saw a spider on the bathtub and I thought ‘you know what? I hate spiders, but it’s in the bathroom so I’ll be fine.’ I went to bed, watched Underworld, which finished at about midnight and then I decided it was time to go to sleep. I had a really bad feeling and felt ill, so I lay tossing and turning until half one, when I decided to turn the lamp on to see if that would help me to fall asleep. I then continued trying to sleep and gave up with this around quarter of an hour later, when I got annoyed with lying around and my head thinking all of these bad thoughts. I text a few of my friends to see if they were awake to find out they were not and this was when I finally gave up and sat up in bed and looked at the wall in front of me…
A house spider was running across my wall.
It was not the spider from the bathroom, it was a different one and much bigger too. I can handle spiders that are far away and nowhere near my bedroom.. but in my bedroom? What if it walks across my face when I’m sleep or something.
I picked my diary up, my pen, my quilt, phone and laptop and made my way downstairs, which is where I’ve been sat ever since. I have a feeling that this is how the rest of my night will be, as now that I have seen two spiders in my house, God knows how many more are here and therefore my mind has turned to spider alert.