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Sleep Tight Mr Pigeon


So on Friday when my mum was walking home from work she came across this pigeon who had just been attacked by a cat. It had blood dripping from it, feathers surrounding it and it couldn’t fly. She sat on the ground next to it to protect it and rang me to come and help. I grabbed the cat carrier and came running down the road to save it.

I managed to catch it and shut it in the carrier. I could see that it had fang marks on it’s back between it’s wings and one eye missing. I took it straight to the vets for a check up where they found out that it had no broken bones but there was a big gash under one of it’s wings which they would need to look at.

I went home feeling happy that this pigeon had a chance but I rang up the next day to check on him and they had put him to sleep due to the gash under the wing. It had done more damage than they’d first realised and wouldn’t have been able to fly again.

I wish I could have saved him and pretty upset that I couldn’t but R.I.P Mr Pigeon.


The Beautiful Male Cat.


Yesterday, my mum came running into the house saying that there was a cat outside of our house, looking very poorly. I ran outside, completely barefooted and saw the cat; he was stood on our doorstep, crying and shaking. I asked mum if he was affectionate and she didn’t know, so I walked over to him and stroked him; I could feel all of his ribs. I then picked him up and cuddled him, whilst mum ran into the house to get come cat food. I put him on the floor next to the food, but he wouldn’t eat it and just kept sniffing it instead, despite his starving look.

we decided to take him to the vets, so I got our spare cat box and put him inside of it and my boyfriend and I drove him to the vets. We ran in through the front door, plonked the box on top of their desk and explained where we had found him and his behaviour. They took my name, address and number and took him in to give him a check over.

He had no microchip, so they couldn’t phone his owners, although they did suggest that they reckoned he was a once loved cat, who had been a stray for a while now. My mum came back the next morning to pick up our cat box and sadly they found that he had kidney failure, which resulted in him having to be put down.